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Job Opportunity: General Manager (Projects) at PAEC Foundation


Job opportunities in welfare organizations are crucial for social development and individual career growth. One such promising opportunity is the position of General Manager (Projects) at PAEC Foundation. This article provides an in-depth look at this job, its requirements, and how to apply.

About PAEC Foundation

PAEC Foundation is a welfare organization committed to enhancing the quality of life for Pakistani citizens. Its mission is to provide comprehensive welfare services, and it has achieved significant milestones in health, education, and social services.

Job Opportunity: General Manager (Projects)

The PAEC Foundation is currently seeking a qualified and competent individual for the position of General Manager (Projects). This role is vital for overseeing major projects and ensuring their successful completion.

Qualifications Required

Candidates must possess either an M.Sc/B.Sc in any engineering discipline or an MBA/MS in Project Management from an HEC-recognized institute. These qualifications ensure the candidate has the necessary technical and managerial skills.

Experience Requirements

Applicants should have 15-20 years of experience in project and business management within the corporate or public sector. This extensive experience is crucial for handling large-scale projects and leading teams effectively.

Key Responsibilities

Project Management

  • Project Planning: Develop comprehensive project plans that outline stages, resources, and timelines.
  • Engineering and Execution: Oversee the engineering aspects and ensure the timely execution of projects worth Rs. 5 million and above.

Stakeholder Collaboration

Work closely with stakeholders to align project objectives with business goals, ensuring seamless communication and cooperation.

Budgeting and Cost Management

Manage budgets to ensure cost-effectiveness, preventing overruns and optimizing resource allocation.

Risk Management

Identify potential risks and implement strategies to mitigate them, maintaining project schedules and budgets.

Monitoring and Controlling

Continuously monitor project progress and implement necessary controls to keep projects on track.

Terms and Conditions

Contractual Terms

The position offers a handsome salary with perks, which are negotiable based on experience.

Age Limit

Candidates should be between 45-65 years old, with flexibility for those with extensive experience.

Special Considerations

Retired Dy. Chief Engineers/Chief Engineers from PAEC with experience in multifarious projects and business management are also eligible to apply.

Application Process

Interested candidates should send their applications, including a detailed CV, attested copies of academic qualifications, experience certificates, CNIC, and a recent passport-sized colored photograph, to the address provided below.

Required Documents

  • Detailed CV
  • Attested copies of academic qualifications
  • Experience certificates
  • CNIC
  • Recent passport-sized colored photograph

Submission Deadline

Applications must be submitted on or before July 16, 2024, to:

Near Nori Cancer Hospital, Hanna Road G-8/3
Islamabad. Contact No. 051-9263295

Benefits and Perks

The position offers a competitive salary and a range of additional perks, providing a rewarding and supportive work environment.

Why Work for PAEC Foundation?

Work Environment

PAEC Foundation offers a collaborative and supportive work environment, ideal for professionals seeking to make a meaningful impact.

Career Growth Opportunities

The organization provides ample opportunities for career growth and professional development, ensuring long-term career satisfaction.

Importance of Project Management in Welfare Organizations

Role in Successful Project Completion

Effective project management is crucial for the successful completion of welfare projects, directly impacting the organization’s goals.

Impact on Organizational Goals

Efficient project management ensures that projects align with organizational goals, enhancing overall effectiveness and community impact.

Challenges in Project Management

Common Challenges

Project managers often face challenges such as resource constraints, time management, and stakeholder coordination.

Strategies to Overcome Challenges

Implementing robust planning, clear communication, and proactive risk management strategies can help overcome these challenges.

Skills for Successful Project Management

Technical Skills

Technical skills in engineering and project management are essential for overseeing project execution and troubleshooting issues.

Soft Skills

Soft skills such as leadership, communication, and problem-solving are equally important for managing teams and ensuring project success.


The General Manager (Projects) position at PAEC Foundation is an excellent opportunity for experienced professionals to contribute to meaningful projects and advance their careers. Interested candidates are encouraged to apply and become part of a dynamic and impactful organization.


What is the PAEC Foundation?
The PAEC Foundation is a welfare organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for Pakistani citizens through various welfare services.

What qualifications are required for the General Manager (Projects) position?
Candidates must have an M.Sc/B.Sc in any engineering discipline or an MBA/MS in Project Management from an HEC-recognized institute.

What is the application process?
Interested candidates should submit their applications, including a detailed CV and relevant documents, to the address provided by July 16, 2024.

What benefits are offered by PAEC Foundation?
The foundation offers a competitive salary and additional perks, fostering a supportive and rewarding work environment.

What skills are necessary for successful project management?
Successful project management requires a blend of technical skills in engineering and project management, as well as soft skills like leadership, communication, and problem-solving.

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