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We Are Hiring Pharma Associates: Join Hoechst Pakistan Limited


  1. Introduction
    • Brief introduction to Hoechst Pakistan Limited
    • Overview of the hiring opportunity
  2. Company Overview
    • History and background
    • Vision and mission
    • Recent achievements and milestones
  3. Job Title: Pharma Associates
    • Role and significance
    • Locations available for positions
  4. Key Responsibilities
    • Effective product promotion
    • Achieving sales targets
    • Implementing marketing strategies
    • Building rapport with Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs)
    • Updating product and disease knowledge
    • Identifying and developing new customers
  5. Educational Requirements
    • Preferred qualifications
    • Importance of relevant educational background
  6. Experience Requirements
    • Encouragement for fresh graduates
    • Benefits of having 2-3 years of experience
  7. Required Skills
    • Communication skills
    • Interpersonal and relationship-building skills
    • Self-initiative and teamwork
    • Developing Opinion Leaders
    • Event planning and organization
    • Willingness to travel
  8. Why Choose Hoechst Pakistan Limited?
    • Equal opportunity employment
    • Career growth and development opportunities
    • Training and support for employees
  9. How to Apply
    • Application process through QR code
    • Filling the form and uploading CV
  10. Conclusion
    • Recap of the opportunity
    • Encouragement to apply
  11. FAQs
    • What is the application deadline?
    • What qualifications are required?
    • Are there opportunities for career growth?
    • What is the company culture like?
    • How can I prepare for the interview?


We Are Hiring Pharma Associates: Join Hoechst Pakistan Limited

Hoechst Pakistan Limited, formerly known as Sanofi Aventis Pakistan Limited, is seeking passionate and talented individuals to join our team as Pharma Associates. If you are a fresh graduate or an experienced professional in the pharmaceutical field, this is a golden opportunity to build your career with a renowned company. Read on to learn more about this exciting opportunity and how you can become a part of our team.

Company Overview

History and Background

Hoechst Pakistan Limited has a rich history rooted in innovation and excellence in the pharmaceutical industry. Our journey began under the name Sanofi Aventis, and over the years, we have evolved and expanded, rebranding ourselves as Hoechst Pakistan Limited. Our commitment to providing high-quality healthcare solutions has remained unwavering.

Vision and Mission

At Hoechst Pakistan Limited, our vision is to improve the quality of life for patients by delivering innovative and effective pharmaceutical products. Our mission is to lead the industry with integrity, innovation, and a commitment to excellence. We strive to make a positive impact on the communities we serve through our products and initiatives.

Recent Achievements and Milestones

In recent years, we have achieved significant milestones, including the successful launch of new products and the expansion of our market presence. Our dedication to research and development has enabled us to introduce groundbreaking treatments that have transformed lives.

Job Title: Pharma Associates

We are currently hiring Pharma Associates to join our dynamic team. This role is crucial in promoting our products and driving sales within various regions of Pakistan. The available positions are spread across multiple locations, including:

  • Karachi
  • Lahore
  • Islamabad
  • Hyderabad
  • Sahiwal
  • Abbottabad
  • Quetta
  • Sialkot
  • Gujranwala
  • Faisalabad
  • Peshawar
  • Sargodha
  • Swat
  • Bannu
  • Mardan

Key Responsibilities

As a Pharma Associate, you will be responsible for a range of activities aimed at promoting our products and achieving sales targets. Your key responsibilities will include:

Effective Product Promotion

You will utilize the Sales Certification Model to effectively promote and sell our products to healthcare professionals. This involves demonstrating a deep understanding of our products and their benefits.

Achieving Sales Targets

You will work towards achieving agreed-upon sales targets within your designated territory and time frame. Meeting these targets is crucial for the growth and success of both you and the company.

Implementing Marketing Strategies

You will be responsible for implementing marketing strategies that result in a positive return on investment (ROI). This includes planning and executing promotional activities and events.

Building Rapport with Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs)

Establishing and maintaining good relationships with Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) is essential. You will engage with these influential figures to gain their support and endorsement for our products.

Updating Product and Disease Knowledge

Regularly updating your knowledge about our products and the diseases they treat is vital. You will participate in quizzes and training sessions to ensure you are well-informed.

Identifying and Developing New Customers

You will identify and develop new customers within your territory, expanding our market reach and increasing sales opportunities.

Educational Requirements

Preferred Qualifications

To be considered for the Pharma Associate position, candidates should have a minimum of 16 years of education, preferably a Master’s degree from a renowned HEC-recognized university or institution. Majors in Science or Pharm.D. are preferred.

Importance of Relevant Educational Background

Having a strong educational background in the pharmaceutical field is essential for understanding our products and effectively communicating their benefits to healthcare professionals.

Experience Requirements

Encouragement for Fresh Graduates

We encourage fresh graduates, including women, with a background in Pre-Medical or Pharm.D. to apply. This role is an excellent starting point for those looking to launch their careers in the pharmaceutical industry.

Benefits of Having 2-3 Years of Experience

While fresh graduates are welcome, having 2-3 years of relevant experience can be an added advantage. Experience in product promotion, sales, or a related field will help you hit the ground running.

Required Skills

Communication Skills

Fluency in verbal and written communication in both Urdu and English is essential. You must be able to effectively communicate with healthcare professionals and convey the benefits of our products.

Interpersonal and Relationship-Building Skills

Building strong relationships with customers and colleagues is crucial. You should have excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to develop rapport with Key Opinion Leaders.

Self-Initiative and Teamwork

You should be a self-starter with the drive to achieve your targets independently. At the same time, being a team player and collaborating with colleagues is equally important.

Developing Opinion Leaders

You will work on developing Opinion Leaders as advocates and speakers for our company. This involves building trust and credibility with influential figures in the healthcare industry.

Event Planning and Organization

Planning and organizing events such as seminars, symposia, and round table meetings will be part of your responsibilities. These events are essential for promoting our products and engaging with healthcare professionals.

Willingness to Travel

This role requires extensive travel within your designated territory. You should be willing and able to travel frequently to meet with healthcare professionals and attend events.

Why Choose Hoechst Pakistan Limited?

Equal Opportunity Employment

We are an equal opportunity employer committed to creating a diverse and inclusive workplace. We believe in providing equal opportunities for all employees, regardless of gender, background, or experience.

Career Growth and Development Opportunities

At Hoechst Pakistan Limited, we value our employees and invest in their growth and development. We offer training programs, mentorship, and opportunities for career advancement.

Training and Support for Employees

We provide comprehensive training and support to ensure our employees have the knowledge and skills they need to succeed. Our team is dedicated to helping you achieve your career goals.

How to Apply

To apply for the Pharma Associate position, please scan the QR code provided in the job listing. You will be directed to our application portal where you can fill out the required fields and upload your updated CV. The application deadline is July 12, 2024. Make sure to complete all sections of the form to ensure your application is considered.


Joining Hoechst Pakistan Limited as a Pharma Associate is an excellent opportunity to advance your career in the pharmaceutical industry. With a supportive work environment, opportunities for growth, and the chance to make a positive impact on healthcare, this role is ideal for motivated and passionate individuals. Don’t miss the chance to be a part of our dynamic team. Apply now and take the first step towards a rewarding career with Hoechst Pakistan Limited.


What is the application deadline? The application deadline for the Pharma Associate position is July 12, 2024.

What qualifications are required? Candidates should have a minimum of 16 years of education, preferably a Master’s degree in Science or Pharm.D. from a recognized university.

Are there opportunities for career growth? Yes, Hoechst Pakistan Limited offers training, mentorship, and career advancement opportunities to help employees grow and succeed.

What is the company culture like? Hoechst Pakistan Limited promotes a diverse and inclusive workplace with a strong emphasis on integrity, innovation, and excellence.

How can I prepare for the interview? Prepare by researching the company, understanding the role and responsibilities, and being ready to discuss your qualifications and experience.

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