Surbex z benefits for male and Females

Latest Surbex z benefits for male and female so as we know better that Surbex z is a potent multivitamin tablet which is containing an essential minerals and vitamins including Vitamin C,Vitamin E and Folic Acid.

Surbex z benefits

Surbex z is a high potency vitamin tablet which is to be used for the correction of vitamin B-Complex,vitamin C and Zinc deficiencies.

surbex z benefits for male fertility

In surbex z zinc deficiency may contribute to growth retardation,arrested sexual maturation,night blindness that associated with liver cirrhosis,anorexia,impaired taste acuity,diarrhea,acrodermatitis enteropathica,alopecia,dryness and hyperpigmentation of skin,delayed wound healing and emotional distrubances.

surbex z for skin

surbex z benefits for skin dryness and hyperpigmentation.

Ingredients in surbex z

surbex z contains these ingredients Vitamic C 500mg,Nicotinamide 100mg,Vitamin E 30 IU,Calcium Pantothenate or pantothenic acid 20 mg,Vitamin B1 Thiamine 15 mg,Vitamin B2 Riboflavin 15 mg,Vitamin B6 Pyridoxine Hydrochloride 20mg,Vitamin B12 12 mcg,Folic Acid 150 mcg,Zinc equivalent to 100 mg of zinc sulfate 22.5mg.

Surbex z price in pakistan

The surbex z M.R.P of 30 tablets is about Rs.294.02 as per tablet Rs.9.80 Rupees.

surbex z uses for male

surbex z is inticated to help fulfill vitamin B complex,vitamin C,folic acid and zinc requirement for maintaing health used as a dietary supplements for males.

  • surbex z is used for male sexual health.
  • surbex z is used for weight gain.
  • zinc is an essential mineral that plays a vital role in sexual function which is necessory for the production of testosterone that is hormone responsible for sexual desire and performance.
  • surbex z zinc also helps to maintain healthy sperm count and motility.

surbex z uses for female

  • surbex z provides various benefits for womens health such as the vitamin C contributes to collagen synthesis,promoting healthy skin,hair and nails.
  • The vitamin B-Complex also play a role in maintaing energy levels and managing stress in females.

surbex z for skin whitening

  • surbex z helps in skin conditions has positive effects on the skin such as many hair conditions and skins are treated with regular
  • surbex z including alopecia,dryness,enteropathy,acrodermatitis,hyperpigmentation so surbex z is a multivitamin that can promote skin health and make its whitening conditions good.

What is surbex z zinc used for ?

Surbex z is a multivitamin medicine that is used to treat or prevent vitamin deficiency due poor diet,certain illnesses or during pregnancy.

Does Surbex z help in hair growth?

There are different factors that can contribute to hair fall such as poor nutrition can also lead to hair loss therfore surbex z benefits is that it prevents the hair loss.

What is the action of Surbex?

surbex z cotains folic acid which helps to prevent anaemia in females and regulate to maintain haemoglobin levels in the human body.surbex z is mostly used to treat anaemia during pregnancy and lactation.

What is the use of surbex z protect?

surbex z is a bi-layer product packed with Vitamin B-Complex as much as 750mg of Vitamin C,15mg Zinc,Vitamin E and 30mg Coenzyme Q10.

Surbex z helps the body to utilize energy through the metabolism of carbohydrate,protein and fat and overall maintenance of good health to stay energetic.

Is it Ok to take surbex z daily?

The use of surbex z can be said to support the treatment of vitamin B,C and zinc deficiency.

surbex z can be taken orally but requires a doctor’s prescription for adults can take 1 tablet per day.


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