United Autos increases price of US150 model by Rs60000

Latest United Autos has increased price of US150 Model by Rs.60000 pakistani rupees so this decision comes at time when pakistan rupees has increase notable increases price against US Dollar so this is done due to price increase in pakistan.

United Atuos US150 Model Price in pakistan

This is surprising that united autos has increased its price of US150 motocyle and has announced the latest price due increased Rs.60000 pakistani rupees.

This sudden increase in price because of US dollar has increased against pakistani rupees therfore now its latest price in paksitan is about Rs.330000.

Electric Wave Surges

The traditional motocyle price is riased such as electric vehicle EV’s in pakistani market .last week chinese Yadea electric bike were inagurated by its first showroom in lahore.

The company its first electric scooter is the T5 model price Rs.245000. and averages 105 kilo meter range with a single charge.Yadea is eco-friendly motocyle transportation in the country.



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