Currency Rates in Pakistan Open Market Dollar Rate

Latest Currency Rates in Pakistan Open Market Dollar Rate so as per open market The premier currency rates portal in Pakistan offers real-time updates on open market currency rates, distinct from interbank rates, with a particular focus on the USD to PKR exchange rate. Discrepancies often exist between the rates prevalent in the open market and those observed in interbank transactions. This platform not only furnishes information on USD to PKR but also covers a comprehensive range of currencies such as EURO to PKR and SAR to PKR. In Pakistan, banks typically impose higher exchange rates, and our website diligently ensures the timely dissemination of accurate rates, especially for USD to PKR, enhancing the overall experience for our visitors. Our commitment extends beyond current rates, as we provide historical data, graphical representations, charts, and an extensive array of information to facilitate a thorough exploration of the open market currency scenario in Pakistan.

Dollar Rate Today in Pakistan-Open Market Live Price

Remittance Symbol Buying Selling Charts

USD-DD US Dollar DD USD-DD 279.9   282.15 chart
USD-TT US Dollar TT USD-TT 279.9      282.15 chart

Currency Symbol Buying Selling Charts 

AUD Australian Dollar AUD 186    187.85 Chart
BHD Bahrain Dinar BHD 748.26     756.26 chart
CAD Canadian Dollar CAD 207.5     209.5 chart
CNY China Yuan CNY 39.45            39.85 chart
DKK Danish Krone DKK 41.3         41.7 chart
EUR Euro EUR           306.5              309.5 chart
HKD Hong Kong Dollar HKD 35.99    36.34 chart
INR Indian Rupee INR 3.39                3.5 chart
JPY Japanese Yen JPY 1.94                2.15 chart
KWD Kuwaiti Dinar KWD 914.97      923.97 chart
MYR Malaysian Ringgit MYR 60.59    61.19 chart
NZD NewZealand $ NZD 175.03     177.03 chart
NOK Norwegians Krone NOK 27.16    27.46 chart
OMR Omani Riyal OMR 730.83         738.83 chart
QAR Qatari Riyal QAR 77.29                  77.99 chart
SAR Saudi Riyal SAR   74.45                      75.2 chart
SGD Singapore Dollar SGD 208.5                210.5 chart
SEK Swedish Korona SEK 27.47                     27.77 chart
CHF Swiss Franc CHF 328.79                          331.29 chart
THB Thai Bhat THB 8.02                                  8.17 chart
AED U.A.E Dirham AED 76.5                          77.3 chart
GBP UK Pound Sterling GBP 357.5               360.5 chart
USD US Dollar USD 280                               282 chart

Today Dollar Rate in Pakistan 

As of January 12, 2024, the current exchange rate for the US Dollar in the Pakistani currency exchange market is PKR 280. In the interbank sector, the Dollar rate stands at 280.61 Rs for both buying and selling. The forex rates in Pakistan experience daily fluctuations, influenced by various economic factors. Notably, the bank exchange rates for the US Dollar consistently maintain a slightly lower position compared to the rates prevalent in the open market or currency exchange. This dynamic nature reflects the continuous adjustments in response to the ever-changing economic landscape, contributing to the variability observed in the buying and selling rates of foreign currency in Pakistan.


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