Today Dollar Rate in Pakistan 2024

Today’s Dollar Rate in Pakistan

The Dollar Rate in Pakistan today stands at PKR 277.5 as of April 16, 2024. This rate is updated regularly in the Pakistani currency exchange market. In the Interbank market, the Dollar Rate in PKR is recorded at 277.80 Rs for buying and 278.20 Rs for selling.

Interbank Dollar Rate in PKR (Buying and Selling)

  • Date: April 16, 2024
  • Buying: PKR 277.80
  • Selling: PKR 278.20

Dollar to PKR Open Market Rates

In the open market, the Dollar Rate in PKR varies slightly from the interbank rate. As of April 16, 2024, the buying rate is PKR 277.5, while the selling rate is PKR 280.25.

Open Market Currency Rates

Here are the buying and selling rates for various currencies in the open market:

  • US Dollar: Buying at PKR 277.5, Selling at PKR 280.25
  • Euro: Buying at PKR 293.15, Selling at PKR 296.1
  • British Pound: Buying at PKR 344.25, Selling at PKR 347.6
  • UAE Dirham: Buying at PKR 75.4, Selling at PKR 76.15
  • Saudi Riyal: Buying at PKR 73.3, Selling at PKR 74.05
  • Kuwaiti Dinar: Buying at PKR 902.26, Selling at PKR 911.26
  • Canadian Dollar: Buying at PKR 201, Selling at PKR 203
  • Australian Dollar: Buying at PKR 181, Selling at PKR 182.8
  • Omani Riyal: Buying at PKR 722.07, Selling at PKR 730.07
  • Japanese Yen: Buying at PKR 1.86, Selling at PKR 1.94
  • Malaysian Ringgit: Buying at PKR 58.24, Selling at PKR 58.84
  • Qatari Riyal: Buying at PKR 76.37, Selling at PKR 77.07
  • Bahrain Dinar: Buying at PKR 739.3, Selling at PKR 747.3

These rates fluctuate daily due to various factors affecting the economy. It’s essential to stay updated with the latest currency exchange rates, especially if you’re involved in international transactions or forex trading.


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