Latest Upcoming Recruitment in FIA (199 Fresh Vacant Posts)

Exploring the Fresh Vacancies in the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA)

In a recent development, the Government of Pakistan, through the Cabinet Secretariat Establishment Division, has issued an Office Memorandum regarding the recruitment in the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA). This memorandum, dated 25th April 2024, sheds light on the availability of 199 fresh vacant posts within the FIA headquarters. Let’s delve into the details of these vacancies, the recruitment process, and the implications thereof.

Understanding the Vacant Posts

The Office Memorandum outlines the distribution of vacancies across various positions within the FIA. Here’s a breakdown of the available posts:

Assistant Positions (BS-15) – 04 Vacancies

The Assistant positions, falling under BS-15, present opportunities for individuals to contribute to administrative tasks and support functions within the FIA.

Sub-Inspector Positions (BS-14) – 08 Vacancies

Sub-Inspectors play a crucial role in the investigative process, assisting in gathering evidence, conducting interviews, and maintaining law and order.

UDC and LDC Positions – 01 Vacancy (BS-11) and 06 Vacancies (BS-09) respectively

Upper Division Clerks (UDCs) and Lower Division Clerks (LDCs) handle clerical duties, maintaining records, and ensuring smooth administrative operations within the FIA.

ASI and Constable Positions – 16 Vacancies (BS-09) and 122 Vacancies (BS-05) respectively

Assistant Sub-Inspectors (ASIs) and Constables form the backbone of law enforcement, actively involved in fieldwork, crime prevention, and maintaining public safety.

Driver, Naib Qasid, Sweeper, and Cook Positions – Various Vacancies (BS-01)

These positions encompass roles essential for the operational efficiency of the FIA, including driving, office assistance, cleanliness maintenance, and catering services.

Recruitment Process and Guidelines

The memorandum emphasizes the adherence to established recruitment rules and policies, ensuring transparency and merit-based selection criteria. Key points regarding the recruitment process include:

  • NOC Requirement: Obtaining a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the Cabinet Secretariat Establishment Division is mandatory before initiating the recruitment process.
  • Validity Period: The NOC is valid for six (06) months from the date of issuance, with recruitment required to be finalized within 120 days from the date of advertisement.
  • Advertisement Publication: The concerned Ministry/Division is responsible for forwarding the recruitment advertisement to the Press Information Department, Information & Broadcasting Division.
  • Responsibility of Appointing Authority: The appointing authority must ensure compliance with procedural requirements and will be held accountable for any irregularities in the recruitment process.


The availability of 199 fresh vacant posts in the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) presents an excellent opportunity for individuals seeking careers in law enforcement and administrative roles. Interested candidates advised to stay updated with the recruitment process, adhere to the guidelines outlined in the Office Memorandum, and prepare diligently for the selection process.


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