Cabinet Division Latest Vacancies Federal Government Of Pakistan

Unlocking opportunities in Cabinet Division Latest Cabinet Division Latest Vacancies has been announced in the Daily Dawn Newspaper so in the dynamic landscape of 2024 job market in cabinet division having unprecedented growth and offers lucrative career for aspiring professionals.

Introduction to Cabinet Division Jobs 2024

The current state of the cabinet division trends in demand skills and emerging roles so cabinet division make up the diverse sectors .

Jobs Available

  1. Assistant
  2. Technical Assistant NDW
  3. Technical Assistant IT
  4. Conservation Assistant
  5. Stenotypist
  6. Sound Recordist
  7. DEO
  8. UDC
  9. LDC
  10. Staff Car Driver
  11. Dispatch Rider
  12. DMO
  13. Record Sorter
  14. Naib Qasid
  15. Chowkidar
  16. Cleaner
  17. Sweeper
  18. Aya


  • A bachelor’s degree in political science, public administration,Science Graduate with chemistry, international relations, law, or a related field is typically a minimum requirement.
  • Three Years Diploma From Government College and intermediate,matric,primary pass and middle pass can apply
  • Advanced degrees such as a master’s or Ph.D. may be preferred for higher-ranking positions or specialized roles.

Experience at Cabinet Division Jobs 2024

  1. Technology and Remote Work: The tech industry is offering a plethora of remote work opportunities. Professionals with expertise in software development, data science, and cybersecurity are in high demand. Companies are actively seeking remote team members to enhance their digital capabilities.
  2. Healthcare and Medical Professions: The healthcare sector is experiencing a surge in demand for healthcare professionals, including nurses, medical technicians, and support staff. The focus on health tech and telemedicine has created opportunities in roles related to telehealth support, health informatics, and medical technology development.
  3. Sustainability and Green Jobs: With a growing emphasis on sustainability, green jobs are gaining prominence. Professionals in renewable energy, environmental science, and sustainable development are contributing to the global shift towards a greener economy.
  4. E-commerce and Logistics: The rise of online shopping is fueling demand in e-commerce and logistics. Roles such as e-commerce managers, warehouse supervisors, and logistics coordinators are essential in managing the increased volume of online transactions.
  5. Telecommunications and 5G Technology: The telecommunications industry is evolving rapidly with the deployment of 5G technology. Professionals in network infrastructure, telecommunications engineering, and related fields are crucial in supporting this technological advancement.
  6. Finance and Fintech: Finance professionals, particularly those with expertise in fintech, are highly sought after. Roles in financial analysis, blockchain technology, and digital banking are on the rise as businesses integrate innovative financial technologies.
  7. Education Technology (EdTech): The education sector is embracing technology, leading to increased demand for professionals in EdTech. Instructional designers, e-learning developers, and online education managers play pivotal roles in shaping the future of education.
  8. Remote Project Management: As businesses adopt remote work models, skilled project managers are in high demand. The ability to lead teams and projects effectively in a virtual environment is a sought-after skill set across industries.

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Cabinet Division Jobs 2024 Federal Government of Pakistan

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