Honda CD 70 Installment Plan with Zero Markup 2024 Price

Honda cd 70 installment plan with zero markup 2024 pakistan

Honda CD 70 Installment Plan with Zero Markup for June 2024

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan’s automotive market is heavily influenced by affordable motorcycles, with Honda models like the CD 70 being particularly popular.

The Honda CD 70 dominates the streets of Pakistan, serving as the most economical Japanese two-wheeler option for daily commuters due to its reliable engine performance, durable build, and fuel efficiency.

Despite the passage of decades, Atlas Honda has maintained the iconic frame and engine of the CD 70, with minor updates such as new tank designs and side stickers introduced annually.

Apart from motorbikes, Honda also continues to lead other automakers because of its solid reputation for building dependable and safe vehicles including Honda City, Honda Civic, and BR-V.

Given the escalating prices, consumers are seeking alternatives such as easy installment plans, prompting various banks to offer bikes with zero markups on installment plans to meet this demand.

Honda CD-70 Installment Plans for June 2024

To make the Honda CD 70 accessible to a broader range of consumers, several banks are offering flexible installment plans. These plans allow buyers to spread the cost over a period of time without incurring any additional interest.

Installment Plan Breakdown

  • Honda CD 70 Total Price: Rs157,900
    • 3 Months Plan: Rs52,700 (zero markup)
    • 6 Months Plan: Rs26,300 (zero markup)
    • 9 Months Plan: Rs20,465
    • 12 Months Plan: Rs16,100
    • 18 Months Plan: Rs11,700
    • 24 Months Plan: Rs9,500
    • 36 Months Plan: Rs7,300

The installment plan mentioned above is offered through Bank Alfalah, a leading bank in Pakistan known for its consumer-friendly financial products.

Honda CD 70 Price in Pakistan in 2024

As of June 2024, Honda has maintained the prices of its flagship models, including the Honda CD 70, with the bike priced at Rs157,900. This consistent pricing makes it a stable option for consumers looking for a reliable mode of transportation.

Why Choose Honda CD 70?

Reliability and Performance

The Honda CD 70 is known for its exceptional reliability. Its robust engine and durable build make it a favorite among daily commuters. The bike’s fuel efficiency further enhances its appeal, allowing riders to cover more distance with less fuel.


One of the primary reasons for the CD 70’s popularity is its affordability. Priced at Rs157,900, it offers excellent value for money. The availability of zero-markup installment plans further lowers the financial barrier, making it accessible to a wider audience.

Iconic Design

Over the years, the Honda CD 70 has retained its classic design with minor updates. This consistency in design has created a strong brand identity, making it instantly recognizable on the streets of Pakistan.

Low Maintenance

The Honda CD 70 requires minimal maintenance, which is another reason for its widespread popularity. Its parts are readily available, and the cost of maintenance is relatively low compared to other motorcycles in the market.

Trusted Brand

Honda is a name synonymous with quality and reliability. The company’s reputation for manufacturing dependable vehicles extends to its range of motorcycles, including the CD 70. Consumers trust Honda for its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Benefits of the Zero Markup Installment Plan

Financial Flexibility

The zero markup installment plan allows consumers to purchase the Honda CD 70 without the immediate financial burden of paying the full amount upfront. This financial flexibility is particularly beneficial for students and low-income individuals who need reliable transportation.

No Additional Costs

Unlike traditional financing options that come with interest rates, the zero markup plan ensures that you pay only the actual cost of the bike. This transparency in pricing helps consumers manage their finances more effectively.

Easy Accessibility

Banks like Bank Alfalah make the process of obtaining these installment plans straightforward and accessible. By providing an easy application process and quick approvals, they ensure that more people can benefit from this offer.

Boosting Mobility

Affordable and reliable transportation options like the Honda CD 70 enhance mobility for a large segment of the population. This increased mobility contributes to economic growth by enabling people to commute to work, school, and other essential activities.


The Honda CD 70 remains a top choice for many due to its affordability, reliability, and fuel efficiency. With various installment plans, including zero markup options, more consumers can now easily access this popular motorcycle. As prices of vehicles continue to rise, such financial solutions play a crucial role in making essential transportation accessible to all.


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