Honda CD70 2024 New price in pakistan Today

Latest Altas Honda CD 70 model 2024 New price in pakistan Today has been updated Honda CD 70 is the dream for veryone who can buy this bike with reasonable price .The Honda motorcycle has four strokes motocycle company in pakistan that is manufacuring new latest model of motorcycle in pakistan.Here in this article you will find latest Honda Models CD 70 price,features and benefits for common people who are keen in to buy Honda CD70 Motorcycle fill the dream of their life.

Honda CD 70 2024 New Price In Pakistan

The Honda CD70 new model 2024 price in pakistan and its features,colors became one of the most selling country bike in pakistan.Today new price of Honda C70 has been issued in the month of November 2023 ,Latest price of CD70 is at Rs.157900 therefore it is mentioned that Honda CD70 gives averages of about 50 to 60 Kilometers per liter is the specification of CD70.

CD70 honda price in pakistan

The dream of everyone to purchase the latest model of bike just like Honda CD70 the most featured Motocycle in pakistan so it is mentioned that the latest price of Honda CD70 in pakistan is Rs.157900 fresh upto dated price today.

CD70 weight

The it is defined that latest Honda CD70 weight is about to 82kg and its ratio became upto 8.8:1

CD70 price in pakistan 2023

Latest price is changed now its latest price is about Rs.157900 and latest price today for CD 70 dream is about Rs.168900 .

CD70 price in pakistan 2024

The CD70 Price in pakistan latest new model 2024 is about Rs.157900.this price may be chnaged due to variation rate of dollar in pakistan.

CD70 honda 2023 price in pakistan

In the monthd of October 2023,Honda CD70 price is Rs.157900 was declared for model 2023 and 2024 upto dated cd 70 2024.

CD70 2024 model price in pakistan

The latest featured model of 2024 price is Rs.157900 was announced by Honda Altas in the Month of October.

Honda CD70 2024 model price in pakistan today

The famous price of Honda CD 70 is for New Model 2024 at least in amount of Rs.157900 .

Average of Honda CD70 2024 model

The average of Honda CD70 per litre is around about 80 kilometers in per litre of petrol which was claimed that on about average at least of 50 to 65 which depends upon roads and speed.

Resale Value of Honda  CD 70

The Honda CD70 has its market competitive resale value the value of resale of honda is near about litle bit difference of New and Old model resale in pakistan.

The Price Tag Of Honda CD70 New Model 2023-2024

The Honda CD 70  new price of new model in pakistan was announced in the month of october 2023 below is the price of Honda CD 70 and dream.

  • Honda CD70   : Rs 157,900
  • Honda CD 70 Dream :   Rs.168900


A Splash Of Color Of Honda CD70 New Model in Pakistan 2024

The Honda CD 70 2024 model is availble in major three colors.

Honda CD 70 : Red Color

Honda CD70 : Black Color

Honda CD70 : Blue Color


Honda CD 70 Specifications

  1. Engine               4-stroke OHC Air cooled
  2. Frame                Backbone type
  3. Displacement :  72 cm3
  4. Dimension       : 1897 multiply 751 multiply by 1014 mm
  5. Bore and Stroke : 47.0 multiply 41.4 mm
  6. Ground Clearance : 136mm
  7. Compression ratio : 9.3:1
  8. Petrol Capacity : 8.5 liters (Reserve 1.0 litre)
  9. Clutch         : Multiple wet clutch
  10. Tire at front : 2.25-17(4 PR)
  11. Transmission : 4 speed constant mesh
  12. Tire at Back : 2.50-17 (4 PR)
  13. Starting : Kick Start
  14. Dry Weight : 82kg


As we know about Honda CD 70 is one the popular Motorcycle which is manufactured by Altas Honda.As the result the price in pakistan may be increased as well as decreased rate because of infation rate in pakistan but from october 2023 this price is maintained its same position.



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