Ends of year 2023 events And new year 2024

The ends of year 2023 events and new year 2024 is the first day of the year on Gregorian Calender therefore new years days is celebrated on Monday,January 1st  year will start on  2024 and ends of year 2023 at 31,December 2023 in the evening after 11:59 PM. In this article will discuss major events in 2023 and new year 2024 How will you celebrate,claender and its events.

7 significant events in 2023 that you may have missed

  1. Light out from big city due shortage of power in January 2023 city was in the dark the reason may be find out cyberattack .
  2. Power consumption has been hailed as ingenious in pakistan.
  3. Free electricity for govt servants
  4. Agitation 2.0 Occur at Lal Masjid 
  5. Wikipedia Ban from pakistan with digital knowledge hub
  6. Cross boder marriages has been happend
  7. Pakistan Cricket has conflict of interest 


Happy new year 2024

Accoding to the Gregorian calendar January 1st is the new year 2024 .The day is a federal holiday in the world with government offices,schools and new year events in the day all over the world. the celebration of new year occurs in most of the countries of the world .

Days to New Years Day 2024

January 1st is the Monday day date 01-01-2024 as per calender with 12 Hours unitill new years day 2024 .


Conclusion New Year 2024

Finally New year 2024 is Happy New year for Every one who celebrates with Best wishes .




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