Diwali Festival

Diwali is one of oldest spiritual also known as Deepavali that means victory of light overdarkness .Dilawli concept is that its good over evil.Diwali is a time for joy,unity and the renewal of relationships.

Diwali is celebrated between hindu communities that famillies close together exchange gifts,share festival meals.

Diwali is the basic knowledge over ignorance.Dilwali is celebrated by the million of Hindu peoples around the world that is called Hindu festival.simply major concept of diwali is that triumph of light over darkness or Diwali means good over evil.

Date Of Diwali In Pakistan 

The diwali is mostly celebrated in the month of Oct and Nov everyyear all over the world. Recenlty the date in Pakistan is Sunday-November-12,2023. 

Diwali-Festival Of Lights

Diwali festival is one of the oldest festival which means victory of light over darkness that is why diwali is celebrated all around the world.

Diwali 2023

Diwali festival was celebrated in pakistan and around the world in the month of November 12.2023 . On this religious Festival was Holiday for Hindu Community people of world.

Diwali story

Diwali story is also known as deepvali that is celebrated by Hindu,Sikhs,Jains and Buddists in India and all around the world.This festival is a religious and cultural so hindu people they clean and decorate their homes with lamps and colorful rangoli that means artistic patterns created on the ground with colored poweders,rice and flower petals .Diwali is the lightining of lamps or diyas it is symbol of the vitory of light over darkness.

Lord Rama returning 

The city of ayodhya where beloved prince named Rama live so his eldest son of king Dasharatha. so Rama’s wife named sita and his loyal brother named Lakshmana they live together in the forest.the exile was the result of a promise made by King Dasharatha to his wife kaikeyi who sought two boons for her previous acts of kindness.During their excile,Sita was abducted by the demon king Ravana.Rama,with the help of monkey god hanuman and an army of monkeys led by the monkey king sugriva,waged a fierce battle against Ravana to rescue Sita,After long and challenging war,Rama defeated Ravana and rescued Sita.During Returing of this act Ayodhya people were overjoyed for the Rama’s Victory. The citizens of ayodhya illuminatted the entire city with lamps and candles. Ayodha people warm welcomed Rama’s and celebrate the triumph of good over evil.

10 Points about Diwali

Here are the major points of diwali festival

  1. Festival of light  illuminations of lights,candles,lamps
  2. Religious Symbol Victory of light over darkness
  3. Diwali duration is a five day festival
  4. Decoration means homes are cleaned and decorated with rangoli.
  5. Fireworks is a traditional part of Diwali celebrations.
  6. Exchanges of Gifts 
  7. Lakshmi Puja is the goddess of wealth and prosperity.
  8. Treats and sweets 
  9. Diversity of cultural festival 
  10. New Era Of Beginnings 


How to explain diwali to a child

you can explain diwali to a child with simple and engaging methods

During starting you told that Diwali is a very special and joyful festival celebrated by many people around the world so Diwali is also called The Festival of lights.

You can tell the story of Rama prince and he was very good and kind person.his wife named Sita .so demon King,Ravana who abducted Sita,then Rama with his friend Hanuman fight against king Ravana and rescued Sita then Rama came to Home.

10 reasons to celebrate diwali why diwali is celebrated?

  1. Lord Krishna killed Narakasura
  2. Return of Lord Ram to Ayodhya
  3. Rebirth Of Goddess lakshmi
  4. Return Of Pandava to Hastinapur
  5. Bandi Chhor Diwas
  6. End of the Harvest season
  7. Kali Puja
  8. Mahavira Nirvana Diwas
  9. Diwali Celebarted as New Year
  10. Vishnu rescued Goddess lakshmi


diwali meaning in english

Diwali is the spritual Hindu festival,which is celebrated every year in the month of October and November That is particularly associated with Lakshmi,the goddess of prosperity.

Diwali information in English 

Diwali also spelled Divali,is one of the major religious festivals in Hinduism,Jainism and Sikhism. The name Diwali is derived from the Sanskrit term named dipavali which means row of lights.



Diwali is a vibrant and multifaceted festival which carries rich cultural,religious and social importance. The Diversity of its celebrations which reflects the unity in the spirit of joy,hope and the triumph of good over evil.

Diwali acts as a bridge between traditions and modernity,fostering understanding and harmony among diverse communities.

Diwali is a festival which brings people together in the shared celebration of light,happiness and the timeless value of compassion and kindness.

Diwali is the five day festival which is marked by the illumination of homes with lamps and candles,vibrant decorations of homes,the exchanges of gifts and festival foods ,sweets.cleaning of homes.


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