Suzuki Swift Price in Pakistan

Suzuki Swift Prices Surge in Pakistan,Suzuki Swift Price in Pakistan

Latest Updates on Suzuki Swift GLX CVT Model

The price of Pak Suzuki Motor Company’s Swift GLX CVT model in Pakistan has witnessed its second increase within a month, soaring to Rs5.429 million. This surge reflects a substantial 6.3% rise, amounting to Rs304,000, compared to its previous price of Rs5.125 million.

Reasons Behind the Increase

The primary driver behind this escalation, as cited by Pak Suzuki, is the imposition of a hefty sales tax on locally assembled vehicles. Implemented on March 8, this tax adjustment elevated the tax rate from 18% to 25% specifically for vehicles with an invoice price (excluding sales tax) exceeding Rs4 million. Moreover, Pak Suzuki had previously raised the price by Rs85,000 on March 1 in response to inflationary pressures and escalating raw material costs.

Impact of Economic Factors

This recent price adjustment marks the second consecutive hike for the Swift GLX CVT model within a single month. It underscores the substantial influence of economic factors, such as inflation and government policies, on the automotive industry in Pakistan.


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