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Unlocking Career Opportunities with Special Technology Zones Authority (STZA)

In today’s rapidly evolving world, where technology drives innovation and progress, career opportunities in the technology sector have become increasingly attractive and promising. Recognizing the need to foster technological advancement and create a conducive environment for growth, the Special Technology Zones Authority (STZA) has been established by the federal government of Pakistan.

Empowering Technological Innovation

STZA is dedicated to providing legislative and institutional support for the development of a robust Technology Eco-system in Pakistan. By facilitating the establishment of special technology zones, STZA aims to attract local and foreign investment, promote research and development, and nurture a culture of innovation.

Job Opportunities with STZA

For individuals seeking to embark on a rewarding career path in the technology sector, STZA offers a multitude of career opportunities across various roles and domains. From IT Directors to Legal Experts, Technology Project Managers to Enterprise Monitoring Specialists, STZA has openings that cater to a diverse range of skill sets and expertise.

Director IT (Job Code: ISB/0424/DIT/D-4)

  • Number of Positions: 01
  • Join STZA as a Director of Information Technology and lead the strategic planning and implementation of IT initiatives to support the organization’s objectives.

Expert Legal (Operations) – Senior Manager (Job Code: ISB/0424/ELO/E-3)

  • Number of Positions: 01
  • As a Senior Manager in Legal Operations, leverage your expertise to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and provide legal counsel on operational matters.

Expert Technology Projects & Applications – Senior Manager (Job Code: ISB/0424/ETPA/E-3)

  • Number of Positions: 01
  • Drive innovation and efficiency as a Senior Manager overseeing technology projects and applications, contributing to the advancement of STZA’s technological infrastructure.

Specialist Legal (Advisory & Drafting) – Manager (Job Code: ISB/0424/SL/S-2)

  • Number of Positions: 01
  • Join STZA as a Legal Specialist, responsible for providing advisory services and drafting legal documents to support the organization’s legal requirements.

Zone Enterprise Monitoring Specialist – Manager (Job Code: ISB/0424/ZEME/S-2)

  • Number of Positions: 01
  • Contribute to the monitoring and optimization of enterprise operations within STZA’s special technology zones as a Zone Enterprise Monitoring Specialist.

Licensing Operations & Diligence Specialist – Manager (Job Code: ISB/0424/SLOD/S-2)

  • Number of Positions: 01
  • Manage licensing operations and conduct due diligence activities to ensure regulatory compliance and mitigate legal risks within STZA’s operational framework.

Associate Legal (Operations) – Officer (Job Code: ISB/0424/ALO/A-1)

  • Number of Positions: 01
  • Support the legal operations of STZA as an Associate Officer, assisting in regulatory compliance and operational legal matters.

Associate Licensing Operations & Diligence – Officer (Job Code: 158/0424/ALOD/A-1)

  • Number of Positions: 01
  • Assist in licensing operations and due diligence processes as an Associate Officer, contributing to the seamless functioning of STZA’s regulatory framework.

Associate (Policy Formulation) – Officer (Job Code: ISB/0424/ALPF/A-1)

  • Number of Positions: 01
  • Play a key role in policy formulation and analysis as an Associate Officer, shaping the regulatory landscape of STZA’s technology ecosystem.

IT Associate (Operations)- Officer (Job Code: ISB/0424/AIT/A-1)

  • Number of Positions: 01
  • Support IT operations and infrastructure maintenance as an IT Associate Officer, ensuring the smooth functioning of STZA’s technological assets.

IT Associate – Officer (Job Code: IS8/0424/AITO/A-1)

  • Number of Positions: 01
  • Contribute to IT projects and initiatives as an IT Associate Officer, harnessing technology to drive organizational efficiency and innovation.

Payroll & Benefits Associate – Officer (Job Code: ISB/0424/APB/A-1)

  • Number of Positions: 01
  • Manage payroll and benefits administration for STZA employees as a Payroll & Benefits Associate Officer, ensuring timely and accurate compensation.

HR Operations Associate Officer (Job Code: ISB/0424/AHRO/A-1)

  • Number of Positions: 01
  • Support HR operations and employee relations as an HR Operations Associate Officer, fostering a positive work environment within STZA.

Admin Services Associate – Officer (Job Code: 1SB/0424/AAS/A-1)

  • Number of Positions: 01
  • Provide administrative support and services as an Admin Services Associate Officer, contributing to the smooth functioning of STZA’s operations.

How to Apply

If you are interested in exploring career opportunities with STZA, visit the official STZA Careers page at www.stza.gov.pk/careers/ or the National Job Portal at www.njp.gov.pk for detailed job descriptions and the employment application process. Be sure to apply within 15 days from the publication of the advertisement to be considered for these exciting roles.

Please note that only shortlisted applicants will be contacted for further evaluation. The hiring age bracket for permanent employment with STZA is from 18 years to 57 years.

Join the Technological Revolution with STZA

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be part of Pakistan’s technological revolution with STZA. Whether you’re an experienced professional or a fresh graduate, there’s a place for you to contribute and grow in this dynamic and innovative environment.

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