Sindh 5000 Ramzan Relief New Scheme by Murad Ali Shah

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In a compassionate effort to alleviate the financial strains endured by its citizens during the sacred month of Ramadan, Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah of Sindh unveiled the Sindh 5000 Ramzan Relief Scheme. This extensive relief package, valued at Rs22 billion, is dedicated to bolstering the economically vulnerable sectors of society throughout the province.

Overview of the Scheme:

Under this initiative, cash assistance of Rs5000 will be extended to 60 percent of the province’s populace earning the minimum wage. The scheme specifically targets 3.5 million households with a minimum monthly income of Rs 32,000. Additionally, the Sindh Zakat Department is set to distribute Rs14,000 to 110,000 impoverished families.

Ensuring Uninterrupted Power Supply:

Chief Minister Shah underscored the vital importance of maintaining uninterrupted power supply during Sehr and Iftar throughout Sindh. Directives were issued to power companies, including K-Electric, Hyderabad Electric Supply Company (HESCO), and Sukkur Electric Supply Company (SEPCO), to ensure stable electricity provision in their respective areas during Ramadan.

Combatting Inflation:

To combat inflation and uphold the affordability of essential commodities, the Chief Minister emphasized the need for a crackdown on hoarders and profiteers across the province. District administrations were tasked with enforcing government-mandated prices for essential items, ensuring fair pricing for consumers.

Eligibility Criteria and Distribution:

  • Eligibility: Citizens earning the minimum wage and constituting 60 percent of the province’s population are eligible for cash assistance under the Sindh 5000 Ramzan Relief Scheme.
  • Households Benefit: The scheme aims to benefit 3.5 million households with a minimum monthly income of Rs 32,000.
  • Distribution Mechanism: The Sindh Zakat Department will oversee the distribution of Rs14,000 to 110,000 impoverished families, while eligible households will receive Rs5000 in cash assistance.


The Sindh 5000 Ramzan Relief Scheme spearheaded by Murad Ali Shah exemplifies the government’s unwavering commitment to supporting vulnerable communities during Ramadan. Through the provision of cash assistance, ensuring uninterrupted power supply, and combating inflation through regulatory measures, the government endeavors to alleviate the financial burdens faced by citizens across the province, fostering a spirit of unity and solidarity during this sacred month.


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