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Ramazan Nigehban Package Overview

Chief Minister Punjab, Maryam Nawaz, has initiated the Ramazan Nigehban Package to provide economic assistance to the needy during the holy month of Ramadan. This program aims to alleviate the financial burdens of those unable to afford meals due to economic hardships and inflation.

Registration Process for Ramazan Nigehban Package

Unlike other programs that require registration based on eligibility criteria, the Ramazan Nigehban Package does not have a registration process. Eligible individuals will receive assistance directly at their homes without the need for registration.

Assistance Provision in Ramazan Nigehban Package

The Ramazan Nigehban Package entails the distribution of three bags of 10 kg flour to deserving individuals. Distribution of flour and ration will commence from the second day of Ramadan. The ration package will include essential items such as dal, rice, flour, sugar, ghee, and gram flour. Quality and weight checks will be conducted before distribution to ensure fairness.

Doorstep Delivery in Ramazan Nigehban Package

To ensure accessibility, Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz has emphasized delivering assistance directly to the doorsteps of eligible individuals. This approach aims to assist those who face difficulties in accessing essential items due to various challenges.

Supervision and Digital Monitoring

Maryam Nawaz will personally supervise all aspects of the program to ensure transparency and efficiency. Through digital monitoring, steps such as quality checks and distribution will be closely monitored to prevent any discrepancies and ensure that deserving individuals receive timely assistance.


The Ramazan Nigehban Package initiated by Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz reflects the government’s commitment to providing essential support to vulnerable communities during Ramadan. By delivering assistance directly to homes and ensuring supervision at every stage, the program aims to uphold transparency and fairness in distributing aid during this holy month.


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