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Latest Join Pak Navy Jobs 2024

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Wellcome To Join Pakistan Navy

Careers in Pakistan Navy are the major section which has been started in the year 1980 therefore the recruitment in the pakistan navy is one of the best career opportunity in the naval cadets of the individuals if you are looking for career at pakistan navy it means you are at right palce to join pak navy needs young,energetic and talented pakistani youth who serve the nations.Pakistan navy trust on merit,transperancy in the selection and recruitment of officers,sailors and Civilians.pakistan navy has operated twenty recruitment and selection centers nationwide of the country.

PN Recruitment and Selection Centers

you can select and visit nearest pakistan Navy Recruitment and Selection Centers detailed in Below Given.

  1. Abbottabad
  2. D.I Khan
  3. Faisalabad
  4. Gilgit
  5. Gwadar
  6. Hyderabad
  7. Karachi
  8. Kharian
  9. Khuzdar
  10. Lahore
  11. Multan
  12. Muzafarabad
  13. Peshawar
  14. Quetta
  15. Rawalpindi
  16. Rahin Yar Khan
  17. Sailkot
  18. Swat
  19. Sukkur
  20. Shaheed Benazirabad or Nawabshah


Eligibility Criteria

Male Citizen Of Pakistan

Age On July 01 2024

Service Candidates (Tri Service)    17-23 years

Marital Status : Married /Unmarried

Civilians : 161/2 21 years (Unmarried)

Height : 5-4 (Minimum)

Educational Qualification

The candidates have passed both Matric and F.Sc or O/A Level with at least 60% marks and Part-|| appearing candidates with at least 65% marks in Part-| can also apply with any of the Following subjects.

  • Physcis
  • Mathematics
  • Chemistry
  • Computer Science 
  • Statistics
  1. Candidates of O/A Levels are required to submit HEC equivalence certificate
  2. F.Sc Part-|| appearing candidates have to provide a hope certificate from the head of respective college/institute.
  3. Completion of F.Sc equivalent examination before 01 july 2024 is mandatory.
  4. If a Candidate fails to attain 60% marks after providing hope certificate he will be disqualified at any stage of selection processes during training.

PN Cadet-FAQS 

Question : I want to join pakistan Navy as PN Cadet,what are the eligibility Criteria ?

Ans : Age for Civilian : 161/2-21 years age for service candidate: 17-23 years (Armed force in Uniform) Height :5’4” (Minimum) Matial Status:Unmarried Male Qualification : 60% (Minimum) Matric/O Level in Science : 60% (Minimum) F.Sc/A Level with physics,math and chemistry or Physics,math and computer science or Physics,math and statistics.

Question : I have completed my intermediate/HSSC in Pre Medical with good aggregate ,Can i apply for PN Cadet?

Ans: By giving addtional Math paper (Part-|-||) are eligible.

Question : I have passed FSc Part-| with good aggregate and part-|| result is awaited,Can i apply for PN Cadet?

Ans: Yes,You are eligible for applying as PN Cadet.But Make sure to read detailed advertisement on official website or given below.

Question : I am willing to apply for PN Cadet on Hope Certificate that i will secure more than 60% on completion of FSc/A Level.But i secured less than 65% in FSc/A Level Part-|,am I eligible? or can i get waiver to appear for recruitment formalities?

Ans: No,You are ineligible for applying in PN Cadet.

Question : Can I get waiver in Age or Height or Marks or Weight?

Ans: No.

Question : What if i was declared medically unfit by PNR & SC but i am not satisfied with decision?

Ans: If candidate is not satisfied with decision of PNR & SC on medical ground.He/She can write application to Director Recruitment for appeal medical board (Only held at CMH Rawalpindi)

Question : If i was recommended by ISSB in previous batch but did not selected being low on merit.will i have to appear before ISSB once again?

Ans : No, you just need to apply again as will be given consideration in Final must be noted that ISSB is only valid for 1 year.No relaxation will be granted if you missed the opportunity in 1 year.

Question : What is repeater Candidate?

Ans : A candidate who could not be finally selected in previous batch and desire to appear in current batch.

Question: What are the benefits to Repeater Candidates?

Ans: A repeater candidate will be exempted from initial Entrance Test.His previous record will be considered.If repeater candidate wishes to appear in initial Entrance Test for improvement,he can appear.

Question : If i am selected in PN Cadet but did not join training unit due to any issue,can i join in next batch?

Ans: Yes, Need to appear as repeater candiadte in next batch.

Question : If I am removed/discharged/Quit from PNA during traning,can i apply again for PN?

Ans: No.

Question : If I resigned from services,can i apply again for PN?

Ans: Once resigned/removed/discharged from services can not join again in any armed forces.

Question : From where can i get entrance test preparation material por syllabus?

Ans : There are plenty of books available in market and courses are available on internet you can prepare yourself.

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