1000 Rupay Ko Pehchano State Bank Released Security Features of 1000 bank note

State Bank of pakistan has released easy way to deliver fake 1000 rupee note its security features and released video how to 1000 Rupay ko Pehchano

1000 Rupay Ko Pehchano

According to sources that news of fake currency notes of 1000 rupees being circulated in the country so therefore state bank has released detailed video how to 1000 rupay ko pehchano for the public awarness in this video it was explained that each and everything about currency note of original in the market.

State Bank video fake currency note

State Bank explained that 1000 Note Features and was easy to handle so the note make up of a special paper which ic unique feel as you Touch. Watermark of quaid-e-azam photo on the front side and water of 1000 rupees is written below image.

Secondly,The Actual value of the note can also be seen this strip while the numbers visible across so value of note visible in pieces the upper side and whole value clear by looking the light.

Third,As in the video that is explained the 1000 note has a color changing flage on the right side of the front and the figure of 1000 is hidden on the right side of the Quaid Azam’s Picture and watermark Under Special figures of 1000 on the right side Quaid-e-azam’s sherwani .

Last state bank said that Currency note 1000 when exposed to ultraviolet light a clear yellow and turquoise strip is visible in the security threads.


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