Today Petrol Price in Pakistan|Breaking News

Latest Petrol Price in Pakistan has been decreased once again in Pakistan.

New petrol Price in Pakistan

The price of Petrol has been revised and lowered upto Rs.281.34 per litre while new price of High-Speed Diesel has also been maintainted at Rs.296.this price was revised two weeks ago now latest updates in petrol price will be decreased again in pakistan.

Petrol  Price In Pakistan

The expected new price in pakistan petrol and High-Speed Diesel will be decreased at Rs.7 rupees Petrol Price lowered as well as High Speed Diesel Price at Rs.6.50 Rupees will be lowered.

new petrol price in pakistan

The petrol prices in pakistan will be expected to decreased because of lowest rate international market has been decreased overall low rate of petrol and High-Speed Diesel.


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